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Cable Sheave Pulley (1) 3″ w 3/4″ Bore BendPak Lift

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Equalizer cable pulley/sheave (1) for 2-post Bend Pak Lifts 5575310, 5345410, BH-7476-51.


  • 3″ diameter
  • 3/4″ bore
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Compatible Lifts

This product only fits older Bend Pak 2-posters and some Magnum and Pro Lifts manufactured by BendPak.

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Product Information

One (1) equalizer cable pulley/sheave; quality aftermarket product for many Bend Pak 2-post lifts and also private-labelled lifts made by Bend Pak  – such as Magnum Lift and Pro Lift.

This sheave is also equipped with a pressed-in bronze Oilite bearing.  Oilite bearings are self-impregnated with oil to increase wear capacity and the longevity of the sheave and the cables riding on them.

Machined in the USA by American workers.  Support American workers!

Product-Lift Compatibility Notes

This item is for private labeled lifts manufactured by BendPak for Magnum Lift and Pro Lift. Private labelled lifts must  say “Magnum Lift or Pro Lift “manufactured by BendPak.”

NOTE: Many Magnum and Pro Lifts are also made by Wheeltronic Lift out of Canada. These pulley/sheaves will not fit those lifts. Pre-Purchase Requirement It is important that you measure the sheaves on your lift before ordering a replacement.

Measurement Tip!

If you cannot get to the pulley while its on the lift to measure the center hole, take a measurement of the outer diameter (OD) of the pin that goes through it.


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Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 4 in

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