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Hydraulic Oil Reservoir Tank for In-Ground, Low-Pressure, Full Hydraulic Auto Lift models by Globe, Rotary, and Western Hoist


  • 43 gallon reservoir
  • Approximately 58″ overall height
  • 16″ in diameter
  • Weighs 125 pounds
  • Bare steel
  • Fiberglass coated tanks are available.
  • Port 1: Hydraulic lift fill-port NPT fitting: 1 1/2″” NPT (see pictures; located on top of the shell, in the center)
  • Port 2: Compressor air-line port: 1/2″ NPT inlet (see pictures) located next to the hydraulic lift fill-port, and should match the 1/2″ line from the air control valve)
  • Port 3: (not pictured; located on the bottom of the tank, surrounded by a steel skirt): 1 1/4″ NPT and should match the 1 1/4″ hydraulic line from the oil control valve. This is the pressure-out line where the oil leaves the tank to the cylinder as it raises. It also serves as the return line back to the tank when the lift is lowered under gravity. The reservoir includes a dipstick and float, as pictured. There is a perforated tube inside the tank where the float rides up and down with the oil level. This float serves as a low oil lock and will plug the bottom outlet in the raise-mode if the lift should run low on oil. This safety control will prevent the lift from going up on air-only, which would cause the cylinder to shoot up rapidly.
  • National Board Certified ASME pressure vessel
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Compatible Lifts

All 2-post (twin) side by side models and single post full-hydraulic models

Globe: FS-10BS, FS-28, FSR-28, FSN-28, FSDT-28, MP-28, PD-28, and P-28

Rotary: FP46H, DTO28H, 28HR, PT20H, WABU28H, WRP90, PFP26H, and AR28H

Western Hoist: XLH, AR-2, P-2 and WP-2

Please read the description below for more details! 

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Product Information

Hydraulic reservoir tank for in-ground, low pressure, full hydraulic auto lift models by Globe, Rotary, and Western Hoist

Installation Info

Please note that this reservoir is referred to as a BOTTOM-piped tank, which means the oil leaves and returns through the 1 1/4″ NPT port on the bottom. If your port is on the top of the shell, you have a TOP-piped tank. If you choose to replace a top-piped tank and plant it back into the ground, then you will need to replumb the piping for a bottom-piped application.

If your tank is currently in-ground and has failed, you can install this replacement unit above ground next to the valves without needing to break concrete to remove the old tank. Essentially, you will be by-passing the old tank in the ground. We can show you how to do this with a simple diagram and all you will need to do is either hire a plumber or pipefitter, or do it yourself.

You can save up to $700 if you don’t have to break concrete! We can help you save your in-ground lift and hundreds of dollars!

Product-Lift Compatibility Notes 

If you have a lift brand not listed here please call and we can help size the proper reservoir for you.

In-Ground Lift Parts

ALP carries a complete line of repair parts for your in-ground lift. In addition to reservoirs we carry seal kits, safety legs/non-rotators, sleeves and adapters, lifting pads, height extensions and rack and pinion equalizer assemblies for 2-post, twin, side x side models.


Not sure what you need? Please call our product experts at (331) 442-9150. We have more than 40 years experience with in-ground lifts and are happy to help!

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Additional information

Weight 125 lbs
Dimensions 69 × 16 × 16 in

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