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1-2039 BH-7793-48 Cables (2) Ammco and John Bean Lifts

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Set of two (2) equalizer cables for 2-post Ammco and John Bean (JBC) lifts made by Wheeltronic in Canada.
Product number is equivalent to 1-2039 and BH-7793-48.


  • Galvanized Aircraft Cable (GAC)
  • Swaged, threaded fittings on both ends
  • Includes grade-8 nylock nuts for adjustment
  • Quality aftermarket cables; meet or exceed OEM standards
  • Cut, swaged and pull-tested in the USA by American workers

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Product Information
Set of two (2) equalizer cables for 2-post Wheeltronic and Snap-on lifts made by Wheeltronic LTD in Canada.
Wheeltronic, LTD., now owned by Snap-on, once private-labelled lifts for the following nameplates:  Accu-turn, Ammco; Bear; Hofmann, John Bean, Magnum; Pro-Lift; Snap-on; and of course, Wheeltronic

To determine if your lift is Wheeltronic-made, please follow the following steps.
Find the data tag on one of the two columns, NOT the tag on the power unit pump.  See if it says Wheeltronic LTD, Canada. The serial number must start with T9-xxx or T10-xxx.   If so, then using a flashlight, if necessary, look at the swaged FITTING on one end of your existing cable for the product number. The product number should be stamped on the collar (non-threaded portion) of the fitting
If your cables say 1-2039 or 12039 and BOTH fittings are THREADED, then proceed to place your order!

If your cables say 1-1786 or 11786 and BOTH fittings are THREADED, then click HERE.   

If your cables say 1-1473 or 11473 and BOTH fittings are THREADED,then click HERE.

If not, please call us for assistance at (331) 442-9150.

Please note:
We sell cables in discounted pairs.  If one cable broke (75% of the time) then the other one is not far behind.  Save yourself the trouble of near-future anguish and replace them both NOW and Fuhgeddaboudit! .

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Additional information

Weight 14 lbs
Dimensions 112 × 12 × 4 in

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