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All Power Units are NOT Equal – Buy American Built Power Units Built By American Workers!!!

When you need to replace a power unit today you have many choices that come down to price, availability, warranty and country of origin.   We at Auto Lift Parts, LLC  (ALP) specialize in the SPX brand BUILT and TESTED in Rockford, Illinois.  SPX Corporation, with their world headquarters […]

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Auto LIft Cables (wire rope) Inspection and Maintenance

Equalizing and lifting cables should be replaced every  three to five years or whenever signs of wear or damage is apparent.  You should NEVER use a lift with damaged or w0rn out cables. All cables, whether they are for “lifting” or “equalizing,” should be maintained and well […]

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Replacing Equalizer Cables on Bend Pak MX-10 Series 2-Posters

Please use the follow procedure when replacing equalizer cables on the MX10 Series 2-Post Lifts: The MX-10 Series, made by Bend Pak, is also private labeled under the following nameplates:  Dannmar Equipment Brigadier; Lift Distributors of America; Magnum Lift and PRO-Lift. The MX-10C and MX-10CX have two IDENTICAL length cables. The […]

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Welcome to Our New Website!

Thanks for stopping by We are in the process of revamping our website. Our On-Line Store is now Open and will eventually feature thousands of products for all your lift parts needs – both Surface Mount and In-Ground. In the meantime, as our product offering grows, please […]

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