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All Power Units are NOT Equal – Buy American Built Power Units Built By American Workers!!!

When you need to replace a power unit today you have many choices that come down to price, availability, warranty and country of origin.   We at Auto Lift Parts, LLC  (ALP) specialize in the SPX brand BUILT and TESTED in Rockford, Illinois.  SPX Corporation, with their world headquarters located in Rockford manufactures hydraulic pumps used in many industries.  We at ALP specialize in power units for Auto Lifts.  

The old Fenner Stone brand is now under the SPX umbrella and has a proven track record.  If you’re looking for longevity, we receive calls from customers that are still using the old P500 series pumps that Rotary Lift used on their lift models back in the late 1970’s early 1980s that are either needing replacement or are in need of  parts……and most of the parts are still available!!    In addition, today’s SPX power units are still built in the same plant that the Fenner Stone power units were made.  

Faith in a product?  Lift manufacturers such as Ammco, Challenger, Bend Pak and Snap-on Wheeltronic currently use SPX power units as Original Equipment on their new lifts.  You will also find SPX (Fenner Stone) power units on lifts manufactured by Acc-turn, ALM, Bear, Ben Pearson, Benwil, Direct, Forward, Globe, Hanmescon, John Bean, Magnum, Pro Lift, Ranger and Rotary.  And speaking of Rotary and Forward, our SPX power units were once Standard Equipment until they began using a power unit brand made in Italy.  

As you shop for a replacement power unit please keep in mind that our SPX power units are Built in America by American Workers.  Beware of no-name power units and brands such as Atlas, Deli, and Duro.  You will pay on average about $100 more for our American built power unit over one made in China, but it would be money well-spent.  For one, you will receive a better warranty (18 Months) and repair parts are just a phone call away……. for years to come.   Frustrated lift owners consistently call us to replace Chinese-built power units with SPX for their Chinese-made lifts…….and in many cases only after a few years of service.  

So if you have a commercial shop and your lift is your livelihood then you owe it to yourself to purchase and install a reliable power unit.  

This bring to mind the old Fram filter commercial that we believe applies here,   “You can pay me now or pay me later”

If you believe in American built products then please Support American Workers!    

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